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brightpaw by teakk brightpaw :iconteakk:teakk 9 4
Contest results!
Sorry it's a bit past half of June but i'm finally on school holidays so i'll be a bit more active on here, i'll try and finish everything that i owe people and then i might not go on as often since i've been pretty busy with my personal life and whatnot
BUT let's start off my comeback with an exciting note! And EVERY participant who didn't get a place gets a request, yeah i might regret doing this but i really wanted to show my appreciation for joining this contest <3 Please comment or note what you would like me to draw!
First place!
Option 1 !

A simply gorgeous well thought out piece <3 I can see the effort you went for this and since you mostly draw ponies this was a treat and you did EXTREMELY well with the three different species. It's just composed so well, it's adorable and you paid SO MUCH attention to detail it's honestly heartwarming. I love it so much, i printed it out and
:iconteareader:TeaReader 3 24
Pixel commision! by Skittss Pixel commision! :iconskittss:Skittss 4 2
Disney 5000 points contest ROUND 1 Fashion
K so each round has 2 parts. The first is a serious drawing, the second MUST be a sketch that takes no longer than 3-4 hours. The reason for this is because it gives you more time and you are all in the same boat! It is your choice which part you want to make into a sketch.
You have 2 weeks to complete each round. There will probably be eliminations; definitely one from each round if enough people do it.
Point system
For part one:
/10 for uniqueness
/10 for use of and effectiveness of colour
/10 for artistic ability i.e. Compisition etc
/10 for how much I like it
Part 2:
/10 for uniqueness
/10 for use of and effectiveness of colour
/10 for artistic ability i.e. Compisition etc
/10 for how much I like it
Code of conduct
- no bullying or hating, if I feel someone is doing either with good reason, they will be automatically eliminated.
- no aggrovative, negative or unpleasant comments. Directed at either any entrant or me. Ma
:iconsarymarie:sarymarie 6 32
250 (almost!!) CONTEST!!! (Starts when i hit 250!)
Ayeee so im like a little less than 25 watchers away from 250 so imma just start doing this now so i dont forget!!
(Still dont know how to use journal skins...)
Contest starts when I hit 250 watchers but you can do everything before!! (You can make your entry early)
Rules/How To Enter!!
1. Must be a watcher (New watchers very welcome!!)
2. Fav this journal!
3. Tag 3 people in a comment saying that you are joining!
4. Once you have finished your entry, post it and tag me in the description. I will add it to the entries below!
5. Ends a week after I hit 250 watchers!!
6. Drawing must be of any of my main OCs!!
7. Have fun with it!! 
1st Trophy1 digital halfbody (painting) and two traditional headshots or an icon!!
2nd Trophy1 icon or digital headshot and a traditional headshot
:iconskittss:Skittss 3 5
shepherd named clover by bluesnooze0w0 shepherd named clover :iconbluesnooze0w0:bluesnooze0w0 5 0 Cat Dance? by KittyKittyKat2004 Cat Dance? :iconkittykittykat2004:KittyKittyKat2004 3 7 Summer collab by Rubyastic Summer collab :iconrubyastic:Rubyastic 29 22 COM.-Beutiful morning by XkabyHydroArt COM.-Beutiful morning :iconxkabyhydroart:XkabyHydroArt 12 2 KaW | Doodle Dump by MissAlmighty KaW | Doodle Dump :iconmissalmighty:MissAlmighty 13 2 WolfClan Application Sheet by alaskii WolfClan Application Sheet :iconalaskii:alaskii 10 0 Confrontation Fortold by KatC123 Confrontation Fortold :iconkatc123:KatC123 10 2 Adoptable Batch 3 by FlabFire Adoptable Batch 3 :iconflabfire:FlabFire 10 21 Rosebrook by freezy-rat Rosebrook :iconfreezy-rat:freezy-rat 14 6 Sprucepaw by freezy-rat Sprucepaw :iconfreezy-rat:freezy-rat 11 3 KaW Pixel Art (Ospreyheart) by EmeraldxFox KaW Pixel Art (Ospreyheart) :iconemeraldxfox:EmeraldxFox 5 2


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90 / 100
I just wanna get some points man... I need some points man..

Please pay for commissions and such things here!

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Age: 21
Gender: Female (dFab)
Preferred Pronouns: She/her
Rank: Princess
Appearance: A light, grey blue with much lighter wing membranes, she is sturdy and muscular, and has two sapphire earrings.
Personality: Beryl is a melting pot of emotions. At times she is quiet, withdrawn, and nervous, especially in front of large crowds. Other times she is sweet, kind, and understanding, as if her whole world revolved around helping others. She can also be fierce, snappy, and loud. It all depends on the situation and how she feels at the time. The majority of the time, however, she is content, playful, and empathetic. 
Relationships: TBA

Beryl broke out of her shell in the royal hatchery, the first face she saw being that of her mother. She had hatched right on time, her siblings, however, had hatched much too early, and ended up dying. She was raised by her mother, Queen Crystal, and always stuck right by her side. She would always try to listen to what she was told, but didn't always. Beryl was always a fun-loving hatchling, and attempted to play with nearly every dragon she met. Her favorite thing to do was swim, and she excelled at it. She learned how to swim in the freshwater pool, as a dragonet would, and loved it. As she grew older, this died down a little, seeing as she wanted to give the impression that she was a princess, not a baby, though she is still a huge fan of goofing off and playing around. Now, as an adult, she still loves her mother more than anything, and still is somewhat childish, though has grown into her royal role, and hopes to give the impression of authority.


Discord User: CookieDragons
Your pronouns: She/her
1-Taaros, City of the Mountains
2-Inta, City of the Rivers
3-Palus, City of the Marsh
4-Duro, City of the Desert
5-Harens, The Barren City
Consas are extremely rare beasts, only found in places connected to magic. The most common places for them to reside is a place of lunar-related sorcery, such as the Moon Cave. When entering said areas, it is not uncommon to see movement in the corner of the eye, as they skirt about beyond your field of vision. 
Kacklekits are named after their calls, a shrill, bone-chilling cackle, often made at night. They enjoy jokes and fun, often pranking or scaring other creatures. They live in large groups, similarly to a prairie dog, and make large underground tunnels that can sometimes cover miles. They live only in Killer Meadow and the Valley Plains, and are found no where else in the world.


CookieDragons's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm just trying to get better and settle on my style. I hope you like my art! ^^ If you ever want someone to talk to...

here I am.

I'm quite awkward and really into books. And writing. That too.




Complex with Background
Complex character with background = 30 points
Complex no Background
Complex character with no background = 20 points
Simple with Background
Simple character with background = 20 points
Simple no Background
Simple character with no background = 10 points


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How much would a drawing of my fursona be with no background?? Is she simple or complex?
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